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South Coast Fencing Center
3518 West Lake Center Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92704


South Coast Swords has class programs available for Members and Non-Members alike. First and foremost, we want you to come to class, we want you to have fun, and we want you to come back. Classes as a non-member cost $15. Once you're hooked on HEMA, we recommend that you join our club. Club membership is $52 / year ($1 / week) and will reduce your single class fee to as little as $6, depending on the payment option you choose and how often you attend.


All Classes Each Week

$96 — 1 Month (Membership Required)
$234 — 3 Month (Membership Required)


Drop-in Classes

$15 — Single Class for Non-Members
$10 — Single Class for Members
$95 — 10 Class Package

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What day do you plan on attending?